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Great big country - Great small place

As Canadians we all have a story about being south of the 49th parallel and meeting a friendly American who inevitably says, "You're from Canada? Really? Man... you Canadians are all so nice. Do you happen to know Dave from Toronto?" I'm not sure why it is always Dave from Toronto, but apparently at some point that guy had a pretty epic road trip in the States.

While we might be slightly bemused when we get asked about our relationship with Dave, the fact is that while Canada is a big land mass it is a small community. There is actually a reasonable likelihood that, as a Canadian, you may have gone to high school with Dave in Dartmouth before he moved, or you worked with him for a while at the mill in PG, or maybe you had a beer with him at the Peel Pub in Montreal. That kind of thing just happens.

So we Canadians tend to help each other out because there is a good chance we are connected in some way. We pitch in for one another as best we can. Most recently this was (and continues to be) on display with the terrible Fort McMurray wildfires. Here at Q, when we saw this picture doing the rounds, we knew right away that we, too, could help a little bit.

 Exhausted Firefighters Fort McMurray

These firefighters have come from all over the country and beyond. They are in Fort McMurray to do an incredibly difficult job and, as the photo makes clear, they work until they can go no further. So, at the beginning of May, we donated over 2500 Q to help keep the firefighters hydrated and energized while they tackle the blaze.

 Q Donation to Fort Mac Firefighters

Yesterday we had our own little Dave moment when we received a note from firefighter Kira Beukeboom who received some Q with her gear up in Fort Mac:

 Q delivered to firefighters in Fort Mac

Kira and fellow firefighter Patty Massel are both former Uvixens Ultimate players, a team that has been sponsored by Q for several years now. We were happy to support them as athletes in years past and we are even more pleased that we can help them in their critical work up in Fort McMurray.

We had no idea that Kira and Patty were in Fort Mac, but that's the way the small Canadian community works. Chances are you know someone there. If, like us, you don't fight fires but would like to help out, you can check in with the Canadian Red Cross.

Stay safe Kira and Patty... and say hi to Dave for us.

Jason May
Jason May


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