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No Snow? No Problem!

I'm looking out my window to near cloudless skies and a very green Grouse Mountain. Today is February 17, 2015 and while a large amount of North America is enjoying a proper winter, it is 11C (which is 52F for our American friends and 284 Kelvin for the nerds) here in Vancouver. The North Shore Mountains are closed, Callaghan Valley (Whistler Olympic Park) barely has any snow and the coming week's forecast is positively balmy. It doesn't look like winter wants to visit us this year.

Cypress Mountain No Snow

While most folks in Vancouver do enjoy sunny days - it beats the rain - we are still Canadians with a passion for winter sports encoded in our DNA. Even though things aren't looking good at the moment for downhill, snowshoeing or nordic (at least the biathletes can always go shoot guns), there are still plenty of things you can do to stay fit and busy around the lower mainland. Here are a few suggestions:

Trail Running - No cars, no curbs, no worries. The North Shore offers some of the most amazing trails in the world and they are beautiful to run. New to the trails? Why not check out one of the great clinics put on by the good folks at Mountain Madness. Your dog is going to LOVE you for hitting the trails. Don't have a dog? That's a problem easily solved too.

Learn to Surf - Don't wait. Get started now. By the time bikini season comes along you'll look like King Kamehameha out there. Check out what is going to be an awesome time! 

Tofino Surf Weekend

Hit a Workout - Head on over to Distrikt Movement just off the Second Narrows Bridge. Jian and his team will put you through your paces. You'll be exhausted, but you'll feel great. Try the Crush Hush - conditioning followed by yoga. We love Distrikt - they're the first ones to tell you that their yoga is dope. It is.

Spin- Got what it takes to be the King of the Mountain? Join Coach Cross and the team at Academy Institute of Higher Stamina for a session in the compuchamber. Hard work. Great people. Huge achievements. You're going to love it.

It's all awesome. I think I'm going to hit the trails with my dog. If you have any great suggestions for what we should be doing while we wait for snow send us an email!
Jason May
Jason May


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