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Canada Post Upcoming Lock Out - Q Shipping

We know you'd all still like to receive your Q during the lockout. After all, when your Q arrives it is pretty hard not to smile.

Happiness is receiving some Q

We will continue to offer free shipping in Canada at least through the end of July 2016. At that time we will review our shipping costs. We will do everything possible to maintain free shipping for you, however given that we are forced to utilize courier services, we may need to implement a small shipping charge for longer distance deliveries. 

Free shipping in the US is not affected by the Canada Post lockout. So if you're south of the 49th parallel, please don't fret.

It is our hope it won't come to that and we will be sure to warn everyone in advance. Nobody will be charged for shipping without first being advised. In the meantime, we hope you get outside and enjoy some summer!

Jason May
Jason May


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