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So a lot of folks mention to us that we aren't the best at social media. Our Facebook page is quiet, we don't really tweet all that often, and our last blog post was so far back that even we don't remember it. The problem, it seems, is that since we already know who we are at Q, discussing it just doesn't excite us. 

Perhaps it was put best by Tom Hanks in the delightfully odd movie Joe vs the Volcano: "I have no interest in myself. When I think about myself, I get bored out of my mind."

Share some Awesome

All of which being said, we are constantly hearing from Q users about the amazing things they are doing: from world travel to first time half marathons, from week long kayak trips to dawn hikes to greet the sunrise on a local mountain. Some people even have remarkable steamer trunks that they take with them wherever they go. Anyway, we think that is the stuff that is interesting and we'd like to share your stories with our community.

To that end we have decided to ask a few questions that relate to you and us. You can check them out and send your answers by using this handy form here. If we share your story on this blog, we'll send you some free Q so you can keep pursuing all the awesome that's out there.

(P.S. We're happy to alter your identity to protect the innocent - or not so innocent - as needed.)

We look forward to your stories!



Jason May
Jason May


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