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Q Hydration - Drink Healthy Ambassadors Left to Right: Amanda Ammar, Mike Darbyshire, Ainslie Kehler.

The Naturally Awesome™ way to improve Energy, Health and Performance.


Q Hydration provides healthy energy through a combination of Quercetin, B Vitamins and Herbal Extracts:

  • Quercetin is derived from fruits and veggies. Research has shown that quercetin can increase the amount of mitochondria in the body's cells. Mitochondria are the power packs or "batteries" of the cells. Traditionally the only way to increase mitochondria in cells is through exercise. Elite level athletes have more mitochondria in their cells than average people. Mitochondria metabolize sugars and fats into energy. More mitochondria means that more of our calories can be turned into useful energy for the body. At a mere 15 calories, Q energy drink isn't about adding calories for your body to burn-- it is about more efficiently burning the calories you already have.
  • B Vitamins help break down and metabolize carbohydrates, providing a quick healthy energy boost as well as offering longer term benefits such as boosting immunity and protecting the heart.  
  • Extracts of Rhodiola and Ginseng have long been recognized to increase stamina and fight fatigue.
  • By not relying on sugar and caffeine to provide energy, Q does not cause a spike in energy nor is there any crash.


Q's blend of quercetin, herbal extracts and vitamins provide numerous health benefits:

  • Quercetin is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine. Keeping inflammation to a minimum is important for overall health and wellness. It also helps with everything from allergies to sore muscles.
  • Quercetin has also been shown to increase immune system performance. Recently a University of Michigan study showed that quercetin interferes with viral replication and can prevent viral infections. We're not saying it's magic, but shortening the length of a cold is naturally awesome.
  • Quercetin has also been shown to inhibit the production of fat cells by 15-18%. In combination with Resveratrol, a bioflavonoid found in grape skins and red wine the benefits are even more pronounced.
  • Q contains herbal extracts of Rhodiola, Ginseng, Green Tea and Gingko Biloba. These natural products have long been used in traditional medicine and offer numerous health benefits including stimulating cognitive function and memory, immune system boosts and increasing resistance to stress and fatigue.
  • Each packet of Q Hydration is fortified with 8 vitamins including 60% of the recommended daily dose of Vitamin D. Health Canada has indicated that the vast majority of adult Canadians are Vitamin D deficient.


More energy and better health result in better performance, but so does Quercetin:

  • Research has shown that taking quercetin increases VO2 Max levels. VO2 Max measures the peak level of oxygen that the body can use. A higher VO2 Max means better performance and endurance. A study by the University of South Carolina found, after taking quercetin for two weeks, athletes recorded an increase of 3.9% in VO2 Max and an astounding 13.2% increase in endurance.
  • Q contains the appropriate amount of electrolytes not only to assist with performance by replenishing depleted salts from activity, but also to help the body recover from exertion. Did we mention that it tastes delicious and refreshing? Not all healthy hydrating beverages can make that claim.


George Oishi uses Q in his training regime for the Vancouver Sun Run (80+ age group).