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Q Hydration Ambassadors Left to Right: Ainslie Kehler (photo: Kate Webster), Amanda Anmar, Quentin Emeriau

Reviews from Q Hydration Customers

 "I recently led 26 cyclists on a one day ride to the top of Mount Baker, 140km round trip with 2800m of elevation. We had Q throughout the day. It helped us maintain our hydration levels and push our ride to the top. Q has provided me with better energy and performance and I love knowing that it is good for me as well. I recommend Q to all my athletes, two of whom drank Q during the Subaru West Triathlon, and both placed in the top 5% of all competitors. Keep up the good work, Q!"
Paul Cross – Cross Athletic Consulting, Founder Vancouver Endurance Club


“I’m getting 50% more done with my days. I don’t have uber energy peaks followed by “what-the-hell-just-happened-to-me” crashes (as I was finding with 100-200mg shots of caffiene sources)... It’s not a brain spike, like caffeine is. Not at all. The 35mg of caffeine per serving is just enough to feel some stimulation that way. But this is a body energy. The, I wanna get it ALL done today type of energy. For me: 3 months, no crashes, no adrenal fatigue, no lessening of the effects, if anything it’s gotten better.
Adrian Crowe - Adrian Crowe Athletic Training


“As an athlete I pay very close attention to what I use to fuel my body with. The more natural the better, but when you enter in the world of supplementation it is sometimes difficult to find a product that can be taken at face value. It’s becoming even more important now to scrutinize the supplements I am using because soon enough, I will be facing drug testing protocols implemented for national athletes, and its unfortunate that sometimes athletes test positive for banned substances because the supplements they are using omit some of the ingredients in their products. With Q, there is no need for concern. It’s an honest form of energy, and unlike like most products out there, you can rest assured that you are ingesting exactly what is on the label. It really hits all the points that I look for in a good supplement, and on top of that, it tastes great!.” (Read the whole review)
Jean-Nicolas Carriere - Canadian National Bobsled Team / Former Professional Football Player

"About halfway into the 100km West Maui Loop ride…I hit a major wall. A little too much heat and exertion for the shape I was in mid-winter. I took a moment to chug my Q…and within 5-10 minutes I was back on my bike and picking up speed. I finished the ride in great time - the Q must have refueled my electrolytes in the intense Maui heat."
Leah - Vancouver, BC
"I find that Q provides the best mix of energy for my workouts and helps in my immediate recovery. It tastes great and there is definitely no better thirst quencher out there. Thanks Q for helping me get ready for the Games!"
Jay Cain - 2011 Canada East Regional Crossfit Champion


 "I am a CrossFit Affiliate owner as well as a CrossFit athlete and for the past year or so I have been searching for a low sugar energy drink for our athletes. Most of the energy or recovery drinks that I was able to find had 30 plus grams of sugar! While attending the Western Canadian Regionals in Vancouver at the end of May I was introduced to Q. For 3 days I drank small samples and had great energy for the entire weekend. The real results happened when I returned home after the weekend. Of the 4 workouts I performed, I set personal records in 3. One by well over a minute! 

I have been using Q for over a month now and am seeing amazing results everyday. My energy levels are higher, I recover from workouts faster and my workouts have been better than ever. I promote this product to my athletes not only because it produces results and is low in sugar, but also because it is a Canadian company that supports the CrossFit community!”

Iaian Park BPE, RKin, CEP - Ignite Fitness Owner


“Cross Fit West Regionals was a very intense competition with several workouts each day over the course of three days. It was on the second day of competition that my body was beginning to feel depleted and it was then I began drinking the Q samples. Almost immediately after drinking these tasty samples, I felt the energy beginning to return to my tired muscles. I then went on to perform my best workout of the weekend and I believe that Q helped me achieve those results. I continued to drink this healthy energy drink for the rest of the weekend and was one of only three ladies that was able to finish the early morning Sunday workout. Overall, I placed 5th in the entire competition with two third placed workouts after I started drinking Q.”
Nancy McKeage - 2011 Canada West Regional Competitor


 "Awesome product - I can now officially call myself a FORMER Redbull addict..."
Kyla – Thornhill, Ontario