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New Production Run - Out of Stock Notice

In our usual Canadian way, let us start with an apology. We're sorry to announce that we are having some delays with our new production run. We are completely out of stock with our Wildberry flavour. We do have both Lemon Lime and Orange in stock, however both of these flavours have a best before date of Jan 31, 2019.

Q won't spoil or go bad, it isn't going to make you ill. At most there may be some degradation of potency for the active ingredients, but given Q is sealed in single serve packets so that light, moisture and contaminants can't get in (unlike a tub) even this will be fairly minimal. Q on February 2, 2019 is no worse than Q on January 30, 2019. 

You are still welcome to purchase what we have in stock, and if you do we will send a discount code to be applied to your next purchase when we have our new stock on hand. 

We expect our new stock to be in hand in April, 2019 and it will have a best before date in 2021.

Thanks for your understanding!

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