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Dianna Christopolous


HOME TOWN: Vancouver, BC
RESIDES: Vancouver, BC

BLOG: diannachristopoulos.wordpress.com


Before becoming an ultra marathoner, Dianna ran on the roads for years. She's completed over 12 half marathons, 1 full marathon and 2 ultra marathons. Gradually she's transitioned over to trail running and realized that's where her passion lies. She loves to run through mountains, over peaks and valleys. 

In Dianna's words, "I run with a group that's a very tight knit group that's all about support and community, doesn't matter how far you're going we support one another and the hugs and smiles are free!" She is also the volunteer coordinator for the Coast Mountain Trail Series with Gary Robbins and Geoff Langford. 


  • I've completed 2 ultra marathons and always looking for the next trail to play on. I never thought I would even contemplate that distance but I'm amazed at what our bodies and minds will do when you set yourself to it. I'm super proud of the community we've created here on the North Shore, it's something unique and special. I look forward to setting bigger goals and dreams and conquering each one of them!