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Karin Femi Adande


HOME TOWN: Paris, France

RESIDES: North Vancouver, BC

WEBSITE: www.ready2run.ca


    Karin is a competitive track athlete who specializes in sprints. She started training as a sprinter for the first time at the age of 25, following a comeback to sports after rehabilitating her chronically sore knees. After being initially told that running would make her knee issues worse, she did strength and running technique training in order to complete a fundraising road run in support of a family member who was then fighting cancer. That was when her addiction started and her quest to be able to run more and faster without having to ever face knee pain again. She started with road and cross-country running, but after doing trials with the Norwesters Track & Field club she was identified as having more potential as a sprinter. After a year of training, she managed to improve her time and technique enough to shave nearly 1s off her 100m and 200m times. In her 3rd season she was ranked 5th in the 100m and 6th in the 200m at the Provincial level and was in the National Top 50 list for the 100m and 200m. Her passion for the sport of running has grown so much that she is now mentoring newer athletes in her club and is helping other runners as a personal trainer. Her focus of course being running and sprinting technique and injury prevention. In the fall and winter, she enjoys competing in the odd cross-country and trail race for the fun and community aspect of these events that originally got her back into running.


    • October 2010, CIBC Run For the Cure, first run after 7 years off sports
    • December 2010, First age-group medal at the Gunner Shaw Memorial Cross-country 10k (54:40)
    • 2011 Starts Track & Field Sprint Training
    • 2012 BC Championships, 3rd Place and first 400m under 1 minute
    • 2013 Trevor Craven Memorial Meet 100m Winner
    • 2013 Gunner Shaw Memorial Cross-country 10k personal best of (44:20) 
    • 2014 BC Championships, 2nd Place (100m)
    • 2014 BC Champion (200m)
    • 2014 Gunner Shaw Memorial Cross-country 10k age-group winner
    • 100m PB, 12.29s (wind 2.9)
    • 200m PB, 25.38s (wind 0.9)