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Quercetin: 330mg

Quercetin (quer-ce-tin) is a bioflavonoid derived from fruits, plants and vegetables such as apples, blueberries, onions and grapes. Quercetin offers incredible benefits: 

  • Sustained energy
  • Health and immune system support
  • Anti-inflammatory & Anti-histamine relief  (from sore joints and muscles, arthritis, allergies, cold and flu symptoms)

    Quercetin has been show to:

    • Increase athletic endurance (13.2% increase)
    • Increase V02 max - fitness (3.9% increase)
    • Inhibit rhinovirus replication (common cold)
    • Help inhibit fat cells' ability to produce fat

    We source the highest quality Quercetin available. It comes from the fava d'anta tree in Brazil. You may notice that the color of our lemon lime mix matches the flowers of the fava d'anta tree. Nature is vibrantly colored. We believe in keeping it real. For the other flavors we add just a dash of sweet potato powder for color. 

    Quercetin has many additional health benefits: Learn more about the science here.