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August 15, 2019


Q Stands for... Gorilla?

Here is a a wonderful set of answers to the Q Questionnaire. Remember you are welcome to answer it yourself. If we share your answers, we'll send some free Q your way.

Thanks to all that have answered so far! We have some other great responses that we will get to shortly. In the meantime, congratulations to Ruth as our first winner! And thanks for the photos as well.

Tell us a little about yourself.

This is always an interesting question. I am a bit of a contradiction in terms. I am an active person who regularly runs out of energy, a traveller who loves to stay home with my two rescue mutts, and an introvert that co-owns and runs (with my husband) a boutique PR agency in Vancouver, Canada. 

 How did you learn about Q?

I have spent a lifetime searching for Q. And I have tried EVERYTHING. I was searching online all the time – especially when I was facing yet another day of deadlines, client demands, and trying so very hard to have a personal life. I was hoping to find something, anything that could help give me a burst of energy without turning me into a jittery mess. 

 What do you use Q for?

Everything. Life. When I have a 16-hour day. When I need some extra get up and go to present at a meeting. When we take our dogs on a hike and I may have had a few glasses of wine the night before. It’s a great hangover cure, along with providing non-jittery, subtle energy.

 Tell us about a time when you were glad you had some Q to use.

My husband and I recently went to Uganda to hike in the mountains to see silverback gorillas in the wild. The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is named “impenetrable” for a reason, let me tell you. We had trained, we had the right gear, and we were ready for it. Well, it turns out that our particular hike went a little sideways – our gorilla family got into a fight the morning of our visit – and they lost. So they hoofed it way, way up the mountain. We followed. They moved further up and then around the mountain. We followed. It went on like this for 11 hours – of challenging hiking up and down and around the mountain. We did get to spend an hour with these magnificent creatures, and it was worth every bruise, bump and lost toenail. 

 Q saved me that day. It kept me going. 

 To put it in context, the average hike to see the gorillas is three to seven hours – and seven is considered extreme. Ours was 11. I couldn’t have done it without Q.


Tell us about a time when you wished you had some Q but (sadly) you didn't have any.

The first 40 something years of my life! Seriously, we are never without Q because when I see our supply is getting low, I order more. It is a key part of our life, and we can’t live without out it. Just thinking about not having access to Q makes my palms sweat. We must have it! 

Anything else we should know? (Your favourite flavour, best place to buy Q, a delightful Q cocktail or mocktail recipe, the name of a book we should read?)

Orange is likely our favourite. But the fact is, much like wine, we will drink whatever flavour of Q that is put in front of us and be happy about it! We like to get Q from the website. It makes sense for us to get it directly from the company making it. It’s always good to directly support a small business that has a great product! 

Jason May
Jason May


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